Quote of the Week

“To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it”–  Mother Teresa

There are students who struggle to achieve good marks. And then there are those who have achieved good marks. The quote today will apply mostly to the ones in the latter.

Extinguished_by_itsallafilmnoirThose who have tasted success should not be overjoyed with the past achievement and take it easy. Being happy that your effort has finally paid off is okay. To think that your past efforts is good enough to carry you forward is not.  Slacking at the moment of success is a crime itself. A successful person is not one that has won a battle and be happy with it, but one who won and will continue to win more battles that follows.

Good is the worst enemy of Great. The moment you accept good, you can never be great. There are plenty of good students, but are you considered great yet? As far as i can see in my classes, not yet. There are potential, but potential will be useless until you work hard at it. Think hard students. Are you satisfied enough with just ‘good’, or do you desire to be ‘great’? There’s a massive difference.


~ by youngshoots on June 4, 2009.

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