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Question no 1: What is the tallest building in the world?

Petronas Towers! WRONG!

Yup, Petronas Towers IS no more that tallest building in the world, so stop boasting to non-Malaysians that we have the tallest building in the world. In the current year, our Petronas tower is ranked 3rd, beaten by Shanghai World Financial Centre and Taipei 101, which currently occupy the 1st slot. Add in buildings in development, the Petronas Tower will beat no 5, since two incredibly tall buildings will replace the current top three. (Note: Russia Tower is no more, since the management have scraped the project. We have to watchout for Chicago Spire, which is currently on hold)

Picture from Wikipedia


1. Burj Dubai: 818m

Russia Tower: (as of February 2009- scraped)

2. Chicago Spire (609.6m: Currently on hold due to market slowdown)

3. Taipei 101: 508m

4. Shanghai World Financial Centre: 492 m

5. Petronas Towers: 452m


How about a building that rotates? Floor by floor? Impossible? Think again.

Dubai has plans to build the world’s first rotating building with independently moving floors. What’s more, plans call for it to be completely energy independent.  Dynamic Tower will have revolving floors, with each one powered by wind turbines located in between the floor which enables it to be self powered. The view? Something like this:

“The rotation speed will be between 60 minutes and 24 hours for one revolution.Residents, if they own the entire floor, are able to control the speed and direction of the rotation by voice command. One can have breakfast watching the sunrise, lunch viewing the open sea, and dinner overlooking the lights of the city – all from the same place inside their unit.”-


Engineered to be constructed from pre-fabricated pieces, architect David Fisher envisions that it will only require 80 workers in total to erect the structure. Construction is anticipated to be finished by 2010.  (another WOW)

For more details, click here, here and here

Youtube action:


Quote of the week (A bit overdue)

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Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can” – Unknown

I think the meaning is clear enought 😉

Exams Over?

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Most of my students have ended their exams today, so I think I will try to lighten up the mood a bit. After all it’s holidays (For you, not for me)

Well,watch these few videos from youtube (They’re amazing, really amazing):






Enjoy 🙂

Movie time: STAR TREK

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I went to a movie last night, and you guessed it: Star Trek. To start, I am not a fan of Star Trek at all ( I used to label it boring in the past), but the positive reviews managed to persuade me to give it a try. And, it does not disappoint.

Basically Star Trek is a movie that stretches one’s imagination of what may happen in space, the technology we might have in the future and our interaction with other ‘beings’ aka aliens. Sci-fi, humour, action, well it got almost everything, and it is the best movie i saw in 2009 (from January till now).

Star Trek 2009

My Personal Review:

Acting: (8.5/10)

Flow: (8.0/10)

Dialogue (8.5/10)

Humor: (8/10)

Content:( 8.0/10)

As a reference, Batman: The Dark Night is the only movie that scored a perfect 10.0 in my list 🙂

Before going to watch, knowing a few terms might help to avoid confusion. (There’s no need for you to study it in detail, just understanding what it means and how it somehow works is enough)

  1. Supernova
  2. Warp (drive)
  3. Black Hole
  4. Alternate Universe
  5. Time Travel

Students should really give it a try (the pity that it is aired during your 1st Semester exams.)  The Night at the Museum 2, Terminator, Transformers, etc etc are going to be aired in the coming weeks. Take note of what is happening in the cinemas. Go for movies. They’re  good sources of inspiration and absorb whatever you can from the experts in their presentation of their movies. Do listen to their speeches during the movies, instead of using only your eyes. There’s lots to learn. See you at the cinemas.

Memorable Quotes from the movie: (Keep your ears alert during the movie)

Kirk: So what type of combat training do you have? (expecting him to know those involving bare hands and feet as they did not seem to bring any visible weapons along)
Hikaru Sulu: Fencing.

Pavel Chekov: I can do zat! (that)

Before you laugh, try spelling “jeep” and “zip, and “three” and “tree”.

Quote for the Week

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“The strongest oak tree of the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It’s the one that stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for its existence against the wind and rain, and the scorching sun” – NAPOLEAN HILL

Too many of us aspire to be ‘strong’ while at the same time expect to be shielded from the danger of wind and rain, as well as the sun, in the fear that we will not be able to achieve the ‘strength’ we wanted in life. The irony is  life does not work that way. I understand that a lot of the students want to be good, or even the best in what they do, but in order to do it, they have to come to the ‘open’, to brave the wind, rain and sun. They may be hurt, injured or disappointed in the process, but that’s the way to gaining what they want, not hiding under the protective shade of their parents.

I do not know how many of the students will understand this, but for me this theory is the first key to success in life. To students: Fight students, fight. The best soldier is not the one that is never injured or never fought in the war. Smooth seas don’t make skilful sailors. Stop looking for the ‘elixir’. They don’t exist. And what I can do is to encourage you to stand back up everytime you fall. You fall, get hurt, then go forward again. Nature rewards those who fight and never give up.


When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time

*To one particular student: You may have fallen, but stand back up. That’s what make champions. Losers fall, and continue to stay down when the champions struggle to their feet and continue to stride forward.*

Flu? We had tails?

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A bit busy (as always) so I will just compile a few interesting news I manage to note.

1. So, we used to have tails? Most of us have already known (or study, or heard) that we evolved from apes. But our grand-grand-grand aunt? (And i thought there are supposed to be much more ‘grand’ to it.) Stories here.

2.Flu has come in various forms during the last few years. THe most recent one is H1N1. Before we talk about how dangerous it is, it is better for us to understand how it works, or spreads.

A brief summary from “www.howstuffworks”.com- “The flu is a respiratory(breathing) illness caused by the Influenza virus.The flu is not the same as a cold, although they share many of the same symptoms. The cold is caused by a different virus, and it tends to have milder (less serious)  symptoms than the flu.

When the influenza virus gets into the body, it moves into the respiratory tract. Once there, it binds to the surface of cells. it took  over the cells, and multiplied itself and spreading and infecting other cells in the body”

How Flu Works

How Flu Works

The respiratory tissues swell up and become inflamed (become red, swollen and hot). The inflammation usually heals within a few weeks. As the virus moves through the respiratory tract and into the bloodstream, the first symptoms begin to emerge. The replication process continues for up to several days, until the body’s immune system begins to fight the virus off.

– Wonder why the ‘victims’ of the flu need to be quarantined? Study the way it is spread:


The deadly part about flu is that that there is NO medicine that can “cure” it (directly). The normal penicillin and antibiotics will not work, since it is only effective against bacteria, and flu unfortunately, caused by a virus. The only way to counter it depends fully on your body’s immune system.

Basically that’s it. For more information, read through the article yourslef (which I do certainly encourage). Ciao

*The recent H1N1  (swine flu) virus spreads the same way as normal virus. This is also why it is so dangerous. Let’s hope the government put in enough effort to control it from reaching us (quarantine for the affected) and that th international health researchers find an effective way to bring it into control. (Vaccine maybe…)

Quote of the Week

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Do not fall into the trap of slacking just when you have achieved a little success. I have seen some of the students’ level nosedive when they decided a little less effort is okay considering their level (and I really mean nosedive.)  It’s not okay, and the few of them are struggling to get back to their previous level. You don’t want that to hapen to you as well, do you?